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About St. Timothy’s Music Department



St. Timothy Lutheran Church has 4 different choirs: Chime Choir, Saturday Evening Choir, Folk Choir and Chancel Choir. Each Choir is distinctly different and has its own unique attributes:

Chime Choir is a group of ladies and gentlemen that are very dedicated to playing musical chimes. They play the prelude music for the congregation at both services once a month. Chime musicians are always needed. The training is easy, and the rewards of accomplishment are numerous.

Chancel Choir sings at the 10:30 am Sunday morning service. The instruments used during the service are piano and the Pipe Organ. Since this is a Traditional Lutheran Service, the Choir was given a name that was commensurate with a traditional service. The area around the altar reserved for the clergy and the choir, often enclosed by a railing, is called the “Chancel”; hence, the Choir became known as the Chancel Choir.

Folk Choir plays and sings at the 9:00 am Sunday morning service. The instruments used during the service are guitars, flutes, piano and chimes. During the 1960’s, many churches started using guitars and other instrumentation to enhance their music, patterning themselves after the popular Folk Music groups. Our Folk Choir has evolved into a more contemporary music style, but continues to carry the Folk Music tradition.

Saturday Evening Choir plays and sings for the Saturday evening services. Saturday’s service is a come-as-you-are service. 

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