The Crop Walk on Sunday, Feb. 23rd is now history. Once again St. Timothy was on its own. We did very well. We had 19 adult walkers accompanied by 5 four legged walkers, who behaved themselves very well. Walkers included: Pastor and Randy, Frank and Eileen Hofstetter, DuWayne and Jean Fowler, Patti Cyr, Steve and Theresa York, Warren and Lauri Burns, Marilyn Rastall, Bill and Lynn Dively, Rosa and Jim Neth, Kathy Burkett, our nursery attendant Ashley, and Donna Kleinsmith, who walked and took pictures. Laura Withrock and Nolan Burkett gave moral support but did not walk.


The children's mini walk was a blast. Charlie Ayers provided his crime watch car, which was a big incentive for the children to do the walking. Patti Cyr was the lap counter and Donna Kleinsmith took pictures- I can't wait to see them. Kathy Burkett led the children, Pastor Joanie, Ashley, our nursery attendant, and Jennifer Messier and Diane Mason on the walk. I don't know who had more fun, Charlie or the kids when they piled in for their ride around the parking lot!

$1,204 was raised by the adults. The total raised by the Sunday School (mostly change) was $163.00. A week later an additional $30 was raised, bringing the Grand Total (including the Sunday School) just under $1,400.00. We also had a nice variety of non-perishable food for the food pantry.  Way to Go St. Timothy. The left-over balloons went to Cypress Cove. Look for some changes in  next year's Crop Walk. 


Thanks to all, Kathy Burkett, Crop Walk Coord.

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